What is SoyMomo?

SoyMomo is a tiny and safe phone with integrated GPS in the shape of a watch, designed for kids. It has a SIM card of it's own so it's independent and it works no matter where you are, keeping parents and their children in touch. All the good things of a smartphone in a SoyMomo.


Your child can make and receive calls from up to 10 contacts of your choosing. Their siblings, grandfather, uncle or whoever you allow. Let your children call you when they need to without problems.


SoyMomo uses GPS, LBS and WIFI to get the location of your child. This way you can check from your SoyMomo App for parents where your child is at all times. For example, follow the school bus or your child's bike ride.


Get notifications every time your child enters or leaves designed zones. Set your own geofences like home, school, park, etc.

And lots more!

SoyMomo is designed for kids. Block unknown calls, alarms, reminders, school time blocking, SOS button, messages and more! Check out everything SoyMomo can do.

App for parents

As a parent you can control and monitor your child's SoyMomo at all times. Just link the SoyMomo to your account and you can configure contacts, geofences, send message and use all our other functions easily.

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User Reviews

Manuel Rebolledo

Real review obtained from the App Store

It's easy to use, the materials are high quality and mi daugther loves it. It's extremely useful for your kids to gain self-confidence and at the same time gives you peace of mind

Jocelin Muñoz

Real review obtained from Google Play

I Love Sofia's SoyMomo, besides being easy to use for her I get extra peace of mind by knowing where she is and knowing that she can call if she needs me. I declare myself a SoyMomo-Lover!