Water ResistantSoyMomo H2O Only

Every day our children are in contact with water, when they shower, when they wash their hands, or in other situations. SoyMomo H2O is designed to resist small dives in water (up to 0.5 mts or 1.64 ft depth) and splashes, which means water will no longer be a concern.

Stranger Blocking

No one unauthorized will be able to call the SoyMomo. Our security filter will decline calls from numbers that have not been added and authorized for the SoyMomo by you, preventing strangers from communicating with your child.

Voice MessagesSoyMomo H2O Only

The new SoyMomo H2O allows you to send and receive voice messages from the SoyMomo smartphone app. These messages are similar to those sent through “WhatsApp”, allowing for smoother communication with your child without having to call them.


Set up alarms in the SoyMomo for anything you want. Getting up in the morning, taking their medicine during the day or for when it's time to study.

Location History

You will be able to view on a map where your child has been, seeing at what time and where they have been. Ideal for checking the route and schedules that the school bus has followed.


Just by pressing the SOS button of the SoyMomo, you will receive a notification and an automatic call when your child needs your help.


SoyMomo can call and receive calls from up to 10 phone numbers. These contacts can only be defined from the admin’s app. You may change them as many times as you want!


Thanks to the GSM, WiFi and GPS technology you will know the exact location of your child at any time. The inclusion of GPS in the device will allow you to access other very useful functions.


Define safe zones, such as your home, school or others, and receive a notification any time that your child leaves or enters them.