Cyberbullying detector

DUG will allow you to detect messages and words that turn out to be offensive or violent for your children, thus locating a possible situation of virtual harassment in the chats of the most used social networks: Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. When locating this type of content, it will send notification to the mobile application to review what has happened.
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Blocking dangerous content

Exposure of children to adult content can have serious consequences. That is why our SoyMomo Tablet, through Artificial Intelligence, recognizes images of dangerous virals and adult content by blocking the screen and taking care of children.


You can ask a screenshot from your cell phone to the SoyMomo Tablet and receive the image instantly.

Remote blocking

You can block the SoyMomo Tablet from your cell phone instantly.

Remote monitoring

You can configure parental control from the Tablet and also from the exclusive application available for Android and iOS that is linked to the device to configure and receive information.

Website protection

From the App or directly from the Tablet, you can define which sites your child can visit.

Application protection

Unlock the applications that you consider safe for the safe use of the Tablet.

Hours of use

You can configure the times at which the device can be used.

Activity reports

You can receive usage reports to find out how much time your child spends in each application.

Honeycomb casing

SoyMomo Tablet brings a gift case included with honeycomb technology. Its edges are designed to make it more resistant to falls

Tech specs

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